"The clear intentionality demonstrated by the CultureCon team to bring diverse faces and perspectives to this space was truly incredible. Each presenter was able to offer their unique perspective on topics relevant to organizations across sectors. There was something for everyone!"

- Diara Parker

"Everything about CultureCon 2019 felt intentional. The sessions and events were thoughtfully designed to make connections through stories, networking, ideas, and resources - all with varying ways of taking action back in your own life. My biggest takeaways were from the interactive sessions that demonstrated the full power of transforming complete strangers to relatable human beings."

- Ashley Liebenow

"This was my first year attending CultureCon – I appreciated sharing a focus on culture with a group of like-minded people. There were quality speakers, who provided immediately actionable tools and tips that I could incorporate right away with my team. I fully expect to attend next year as testament to the value I got out of going!"

- Nicole Kibble

"CultureCon was a great experience to get ideas on how to recruit, train, and retain employees. It is a great escape to do deep work around the idea of workplace culture and how to initiate positive change and strengthen community.  I look forward to CultureCon as a new lens on workplace dynamics and how to innovate in community and relationship building."

- Jeremy Schlitz