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We can't do this alone. Thank you to our many sponsors, both past and present, who make this conference possible and are leading the charge towards building more inspiring, uplifting, and healthier workplaces.

Current Sponsors

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Connection Partner ​




Nurture your relationships with the most powerful business relationship management solution.

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Gold Sponsor ​




At Capturely, we simplify planning and offer easy scheduling solutions for onsite & virtual headshots with our photography platform.  Our professional photographers capture authentic imagery while our photo editing team ensures consistency with your employer brand. Whether you are onboarding a new employee, unifying your team's photos for internal profiles and ID badges, or needing photos for marketing communications and employee engagement events, you can leave the project management to us so you can go about your day.

Scalable. Studio Quality. Delivered in 24 Hours.

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Gold Sponsor


Mystery Trip


Mystery Trip is an award-winning event planning company that redefines team bonding through the unknown. We craft bespoke on- and off-site experiences for corporate entities, conferences, incentive trips, Sales Kick-Offs, and more. The cornerstone of our approach? The "mystery" element—where anticipation meets surprise.

What sets us apart isn't just a gimmick; it's a catalyst for fostering genuine connections. By withholding the itinerary until the moment of experience, unity among participants comes organically. Through this unique twist, barriers dissolve, and authentic connections flourish, leaving a lasting impact long after the event's conclusion.

Clients include Google, Facebook, Comcast, SpaceX, Red Bull, Cisco, Netflix, Airbnb, Tiffany & Co, Taco Bell, Kaiser, and hundreds more across North America. 

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Gold Sponsor


PeopleForward Network


PeopleForward Network provides innovative podcasting, communications, and partnership services for people-first leaders to impact meaningful work. From podcast production and distribution to creative services and growth consulting, PeopleForward Network's mission is to share resources and insights with their global community of leaders, connectors, and creators to inspire and build workplaces where people thrive.

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Silver Sponsor ​




Augeo is a global leader in engagement platform technologies that create compelling experiences, foster people connections and cultivate brand advocates worldwide.

Utilizing proven strategies and innovative technologies, we elevate engagement and strengthen relationships for our clients through our flexible and scalable solutions across Workplace Engagement, Experiential Marketing, Social Activation, Customer Loyalty and Web3 experiences.

With more than 45 years of experience, Augeo serves hundreds of clients including dozens of Fortune 500 companies, representing millions of people across the globe using our proprietary platform technology. Our mission is inspiring people to achieve more—one interaction, transaction and experience at a time.

For more information, visit

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Silver Sponsor ​


Cirrus Change Readiness


Cirrus Change Readiness helps teams master change, while improving engagement, retention and productivity. Every team can be ready for change with the right supports. The Cirrus workspace and education, encourage positive cultures by setting up systems for communication, feedback, accountability and transparency.

Cirrus provides predictive analytics on your staff's readiness to change,  a custom plan to support your team, certified education, alignment tools and dashboards. Your workspace includes private discussion space, tools to generate and keep alignment, and clear visuals to indicate growing success.

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Silver Sponsor ​




Welcome Home


Our vision is to make every employee experience a great one. Through designing the world’s most innovative and authentic employee experiences.


We’re a global leader, helping businesses all around the world to create incredible employee experiences that drive healthy cultures. 

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Silver Sponsor


Human Synergistics


Unlock the full potential of your organization with Human Synergistics.


Specializing in driving effective culture change, leadership development, and team building, we offer a unique opportunity to elevate your organization's effectiveness to new heights through our globally recognized tools and world-class consultants. 

We’re here to help you to achieve genuine change at any level of your organization. Whether you’re looking for external support to guide your strategy or have the capability in-house, our world-class network of accredited practitioners can support you along the way.

We invite you to join us in our mission of Changing the World—One Organization at a Time®.

InSphere Consulting.png

Bronze Sponsor


InSphere Consulting, Inc.


Founded in 2022, InSphere Consulting is dedicated to ERP consulting and training. Our mission has always been Maximizing the Benefit of Everyone's ERP System. To commit to our mission, we not only source the best qualified talents in the market, but also adhere to our high-standard white-glove methodology and guidelines.

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Supporting Sponsor




FarWell is a flexible advisory firm.  FarWell provides project execution services while being strategically prepared to manage and sustain change. 

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Supporting Sponsor


Loop & Tie


Loop & Tie is the first and only carbon regenerative corporate gifting platform designed to make an impact through gifting that gives back.

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Supporting Sponsor




ONDA is a hospitality startup building a network of boutique hotels in Costa Rica, where they host unforgettable, high value, turnkey corporate retreats and offsites. 


Supporting Sponsor




Elevate employee recognition with a seamless branded merchandise solution, offering custom design, storage, and global delivery. Equip your HR, sales, and marketing toolkit with our expertise in crafting the perfect swag for onboarding, celebrations, milestones, and events.

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Supporting Sponsor


Summit Credit Union


Summit Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative. Summit and has more than 239,000 members and 918 employees across more than 50 locations throughout south-central and southeastern Wisconsin.


At Summit, we’re all about helping you turn wishing, waiting, and wondering into planning, doing, and experiencing. We offer the basic products you want, like checking and savings accounts, credit cards and loans. And we go one step further, providing financial guidance, education, tools, one-on-one coaching, and innovative programs to empower you to own your financial life wherever you are in your journey. 


Since we’re a not-for-profit financial cooperative, all our earnings are redistributed right back to our members. Think higher interest rates on savings, lower rates on loans and Cash Boomerang, our patronage dividend to members.

Treo Wellness.png

Supporting Sponsor


Treo Wellness


Treo is a Whole-Person Wellbeing Platform delivering highly personalized, evidence-based tools and resources for achieving lasting lifestyle change for Worksite Wellness. We help employers with Whole-Person wellbeing solutions so employers can recruit and retain top talent.


Our all-in-one, turnkey platform eliminates the costs and complexity of dealing with multiple wellness and culture vendors. Treo is the first scalable way to bring personalized wellness support to every employee! 

Treo’s platform easily adjusts to emphasize organization’s values and objectives. Every employee receives a customized experience based on their individual health goals. Treo meets every employee in the workforce where they are in their wellness journey. 

The Culture Fix.png

Supporting Sponsor


The Culture Fix®


At The Culture Fix®, we’re on a mission to usher in a decade of conscious leadership to cure the malaise of employee disengagement. That is why we’ve created the only step-by-step, proven culture transformation framework that ensures a return on investment.

Based on the bestselling book The Culture Fix® by our Founder & CEO, Will Scott, we’ll help you empower your employees to feel fulfilled, loyal and engaged so that they don't work to live but rather have one fulfilling life. 

Get the easiest fix for the hardest thing in business™, and make culture your greatest asset.


Supporting Sponsor


Wrestling With Talent


Wrestling With Talent (WWT) is not your typical HR consulting company. Our unique perspective helps companies simplify their HR strategy and implement creative solutions to develop, engage, and retain talent to drive business results. We want to help companies bring people (and a little fun!) to the forefront of every solution. Let us be your thought partner for HR, learning, culture, and change management programs. Come join the #nerdherd.

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Attendee Lounge Sponsor ​


Creative Business Interiors


Creative Business Interiors is a service provider for commercial spaces.  Every step of our project process is in-house, from client consulting and designing, through building, furnishing, and maintaining. 


Live Stream Sponsor ​

Nick Palkowski


Growing your business with live streaming services.

Sponsorship Perks

Why Sponsor

Want to learn how sponsoring CultureCon 2024 can elevate your company's brand? Send us an email to receive a link to our narrated presentation highlighting our organization, attendee demographics, conference projections, sponsorship perks, and custom packages. 

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