Mini CultureCon Madison 2022

Mini CultureCon

Thursday, November 10th, 2022

Hosted at StartingBlock Madison

821 E Washington Ave., 3rd Floor Cafe

Madison, WI 53703


4:30PM: Registration and Networking

5:30PM: Presentations

7:00PM: Networking

Admission Includes:

Locally sourced appetizers, desserts, and refreshments; networking opportunities with speakers, sponsors, and attendees; and gratuitous swag. 



"Prioritizing Wellness in the Workplace"

Amy Crowe, CPEF, CUDE

Financial Education Specialist at Summit Credit Union

Presentation Description

There is more to wellness than exercising and eating healthy. Wellness consists of 8 mutually co-dependent dimensions. A well-rounded balance of these wellness dimensions provides holistic harmony to one’s personal well-being. Wellness is vital to retain & attract desirable employees now more than ever. Organizations are in a unique position to address common challenges employees face that prevent them from prioritizing their well-being.

A recent study uncovered that only 21% of organizations felt that they offered a well-rounded well-being strategy.

In this session you will uncover the hidden wellness strategy that may already exist within your benefit package and employee resources. You will learn communication techniques that empower your employee’s participation and increase their well-being.

We know employees frequently face daily challenges. By implementing these strategies, employers will be able to make sure that their employees go back to their optimal efficiency in the shortest time possible.

After the presentation, you will know:

  1. Why wellness should be on your radar.

  2. How to connect eight dimensions of wellness to the resources and benefits your company already provides.

  3. How to prioritize employee wellness as a competitive advantage.

Jay Thomsen high-res.png

"The Culture Playbook"

Jay Thomsen

Vice President at Vogel Bros. Building Co.

Presentation Description

Once you’ve built an organization with great culture, it is important continue to talk about it. Our 5th generation family organization has always had a strong culture.  More recently we’ve focused on talking about our culture with both internal and external stakeholders. That process led to what we call the Vogel “Playbook”.  I’ll share insight on the process and looked like and how it works.   


The built environment can have a positive impact on company culture. If you have a great culture, the space you create for employees can enhance the culture.  However, you can’t create a great culture by building a “cool” office.   Let’s take a look at some real-world examples of how the space you design and build can enhance your existing culture.

After the presentation, you will know:

  1. How to talk about culture to internal and external stakeholders

  2. What positive organizational culture look like when you have it

  3. How the built environment impacts culture



Jihan Bekiri

VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at WPS Health Solutions

Presentation Description

Coming soon!

After the presentation, you will know:

​Coming Soon!


"Building Consent Cultures"

Geoffrey Adelsberg, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy at Edgewood College

Presentation Description

The conception of consent culture comes from feminists struggling for an end to sexual violence. My understanding is that these organizers and writers envisioned a culture that emphasized self-determination, careful listening, and question-asking. This is contrasted to a culture that glorifies our capacity to exercise power over others. When I talk about consent culture, I speak to the conditions that support everyone to fully express their needs without fear of censure and punishment. Building a culture of self-determination is essential in resistance to sexual violence while also holding many important benefits for our culture at large and our culture of work in particular.


To focus the conversation on work environments, I will speak to the complexities of consent at work. This begins with the fact that working may not be something that we would do if we were fully self-determining (and did not rely on work for our capacity to meet our basic human needs with dignity). Further, organizational hierarchies call us to execute the demands of superiors as efficiently as possible, which is often to the detriment of circumspect reflection on our own needs and values.


In my talk, I ask: What is a basic skill that we can cultivate to support consent in these complex environments? I will speak to the importance of hearing "no" as a gift rather than insubordination, disobedience, or a problem.

After the presentation, you will know:

  1. What is consent culture and how you can share it with others 

  2. How you can hear "no" as a gift

  3. Opportunities for how you can create commitment to consent culture among your colleagues

Location & Parking

StartingBlock Madison seeks to create meaningful intersections that cultivate entrepreneurs, build innovative and growing companies, and drive new ideas into reality. Their 40,000+ SF entrepreneurial hub houses 30-40 of Madison's most promising and innovative startups, plus gener8tor (Wisconsin's nationally ranked accelerator), the Doyenne Group and Bunker Labs.


Attendees can park directly behind the building in the South Livingston Street Garage located at 111 S. Livingston Street, Madison, WI 53703. Full details, including parking rates, can be found here


We can't do this alone. Thank you to our sponsors who make this event possible and are leading the charge towards building more inspiring, uplifting, and healthier workplaces.