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Mini CultureCon Milwaukee 2023

Mini CultureCon Milwaukee

Wednesday, November 1st, 2023

Hosted at Nō Studios

1037 W. McKinley Avenue,

Milwaukee, WI 53203


4:30PM: Registration and Networking

5:30PM: Presentations

7:00PM: Facilitated Group Discussion

7:30PM: Adjourn

Admission Includes:

Locally sourced appetizers, desserts, and refreshments; networking opportunities with speakers, sponsors, and attendees; and gratuitous swag. 


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"Helping Teams Thrive in a VUCA World"

Rachel Breitbach

Senior Advisor and Practice Lead, FarWell

Presentation Description

An environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) is becoming more prevalent in the business world. To help lead teams through this environment, it is important for leaders to understand behaviors and Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategies to incorporate to build greater change agility and resilience.

After the presentation, you will know:

  1. VUCA Awareness: Understand what VUCA means and the difference between planned and unplanned changes.

  2. VUCA Impacts: Understand the impacts a VUCA environment can have on organizations and teams.

  3. Org. Change and Leadership Practices: Provide some immediate dynamic org. change management and leadership practices that leaders can embrace to help their teams not just survive but thrive.

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"Prioritizing Wellness in the Workplace"

Amy Crowe, CPEF, CUDE

Financial Education Specialist at Summit Credit Union

Presentation Description

There is more to wellness than exercising and eating healthy. Wellness consists of 8 mutually co-dependent dimensions. A well-rounded balance of these wellness dimensions provides holistic harmony to one’s personal well-being. Wellness is vital to retain & attract desirable employees now more than ever. Organizations are in a unique position to address common challenges employees face that prevent them from prioritizing their well-being.

A recent study uncovered that only 21% of organizations felt that they offered a well-rounded well-being strategy.

In this session you will uncover the hidden wellness strategy that may already exist within your benefit package and employee resources. You will learn communication techniques that empower your employee’s participation and increase their well-being.

We know employees frequently face daily challenges. By implementing these strategies, employers will be able to make sure that their employees go back to their optimal efficiency in the shortest time possible.

After the presentation, you will know:

  1. Why wellness should be on your radar.

  2. How to connect eight dimensions of wellness to the resources and benefits your company already provides.

  3. How to prioritize employee wellness as a competitive advantage.


"Workplace Bullying, Trauma, and the Impacts on Organizational Effectiveness"

Bill Jackson, MBA, SHRM-CP

Human Resources Leader at Evoqua Water Technologies

Presentation Description

Workplace-induced emotional trauma is real — with long-lasting effects. Career trauma is an “injury” that occurs when an individual experiences a traumatic event in the workplace such as harassment, bullying or being passed over for promotion. Learn more about this, including techniques to support colleagues and clean up toxic work cultures.

After the presentation, you will know:

  1. Actionable workplace policies that create an environment of zero tolerance of bullying.

  2. How to recognize signs of trauma in employees and intervention tactics to help employees succeed.

  3. How to measure OD interventions from the talent perspective (i.e. how well the teams work together, did any traumatic triggers present in any team members, what did the employee learn from their involvement in the OD intervention).


"Cultivating an Intentional and Engaging Remote-First Culture"

Katrina Stiebs

Chief People Officer at Penrod

Presentation Description

Flexibility and autonomy are among the top benefits that people seek in their workplaces today. People want to choose when and where they work, and they want an organization that empowers that choice. Building a vibrant, remote-first culture isn't reserved for remote-only teams. Whether you have a few remote employees, a hybrid model, or have completely transitioned away from the office, embracing this flexibility means being deliberate about your employee experience, critically evaluating your culture, and discovering new ways to connect and engage as a team.

After the presentation, you will know:

  1. Fundamentals of an engaged, remote-first culture (remote-first doesn't mean remote-only!).

  2. Equity across the remote, hybrid, and onsite employee experience.

  3. Small, easy ways to connect remotely, engage your team, and have more fun!


Closing Reflection

Michelle Spehr

Consultant and Facilitator at Vidl Work

Activity Description:

Facilitated group discussions designed to reflect on key learnings from the event before we head into the final networking opportunity to connect with speakers, sponsors, and attendees.


We can't do this alone. Thank you to our sponsors who make this event possible and are leading the charge towards building more inspiring, uplifting, and healthier workplaces.

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