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Celebrating Compassion: Recap of MiniCultureCon Madison

Updated: May 13, 2020

Written by CultureCon Co-Founder, Nick Lombardino

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

- Maya Angelou


Since the inception of CultureCon, our organizers have always wanted to experiment hosting an event underneath a central cultural theme. That goal was realized on March 28th, 2019, when we partnered with Edgewood College to host MiniCultureCon Madison. Our focus was to highlight how different organizations are creating cultures grounded in compassion and empathy, and like any CultureCon event, the goal was to equip our attendees with actionable next steps so that they could become change agents within their own companies.

With close to 100 attendees from across the Midwest, and speakers from across the globe, our audience was exposed to four empowering and thought-provoking presentations. Each speaker provided their own unique perspective towards building compassionate cultures. Speakers explored topics ranging from hierarchical structures; diversity, equity and inclusion; corporate social responsibility programs; accountability plans; optimal ethics systems modeling; and character development frameworks.

(From Left to Right: Caleb Campbell, Denis Collins, Nick Lombardino, Samantha Slade, Annette Miller)

Our speakers included:

· Samantha Slade, Co-Owner of Percolab and Author of "Going Horizontal"

· Caleb Campbell, Chief of Staff at Bluetree Network

· Denis Collins, Organizational Ethics Expert at Edgewood College

Diara Parker, an attendee of MiniCultureCon Madison and Director of Policy & Systems Change at End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, reflected, "The clear intentionality demonstrated by the CultureCon team to bring diverse faces and perspectives to this space was truly incredible. Each presenter was able to offer their unique perspective on topics relevant to organizations across sectors, so I felt like there was something for everyone!"

Anne Hunnex, another attendee of MiniCultureCon Madison and Senior Organizational Change Consultant at FarWell, shared, “I was struck by Samantha Slade’s concept of valuing learning over expertise. We all need to be experts in learning because in the drive of innovation, expertise becomes out dated very quickly. We need to be constant and curious learners to meet the demands for innovation.”

We could not have offered the event without the generous support of our amazing partners and sponsors – Bluetree Network, The QTI Group, Edgewood College School of Business and Edgewood College Center for Community Engagement & Impact.

For more inspiring and empowering topics related to organizational culture, become a #CultureGeek and join us at our next event! Tickets go fast. Get them here before they’re gone.


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