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Press Release: CultureCon Announces B Corp Certification

Wisconsin-based business meets highest standards of social and environmental performance for its commitment towards inspiring positive organizational culture.

Recognized as one of the nation’s premier conferences for workplace culture, CultureCon LLC ( is now a Certified B Corporation®. This certification is awarded to companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, and underscores the brand’s commitment towards building more uplifting, fulfilling, and healthier workplaces. CultureCon is one of only 18 companies in Wisconsin that hold the certification.

Founded in 2017 as an annual conference in Madison, Wisconsin, CultureCon has grown its services to include expanded event experiences, public and private course offerings, and custom consulting services. “Since our inception, our mission hasn’t changed - we want to be the conduit that brings together the nation’s foremost organizational culture experts and delivers learning experiences that empower individuals, regardless of their roles and titles, to inspire positive change within their own companies,” said Zach Blumenfeld, Co-founder of CultureCon. “All of our offerings are grounded in pragmatic, actionable takeaways. We want our community to be able to take what they learn and start creating change at their organizations.”

Accelerated by the shift to remote-work and tight labor markets, CultureCon has seen an increase in customer demand for learning opportunities that help companies build more positive working environments. “The business imperative for cultivating an organizational culture where employees feel connected, embraced, and supported has never been higher,” shares Nick Lombardino, Co-founder of CultureCon. “Companies that don’t take it seriously, or approach it superficially, run the risk of not being able to hire and retain talent. Working for human-centered organizations is now an expectation, not a perk, among candidates and employees.”

As CultureCon looks to the future, it is excited for the return of their flagship event, CultureCon 2022, taking place on August 10-11 at The Madison Concourse Hotel. The event will feature presentations from senior executives from LinkedIn, Wikipedia, SAP, Human Rights Watch, Credit Karma, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Spectrum Health, and many others. Program schedules, speaker lineups, and online registration can be found at

About CultureCon

CultureCon is on a mission to inspire positive change around organizational culture. Through community events, custom courses, consulting services, and virtual learning, we deliver experiences that provide practical tools and motivation for our customers to become cultural change agents within their organizations. Our customers include business owners, CxOs, HR leaders, senior executives, Directors, Managers and anyone who has a vested interest towards inspiring positive change around their organization’s culture.


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