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Goodbye Balance & Blend, Hello Harmony

Developed by Dr. Karlie Intlekofer, Co-founder and Global Wellness Research at Treo Wellness

In this short, two minute vlog, learn about the '5 Essentials for Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being;' specifically, how it may be time for your organization to adopt "Work-life Harmony" vs. "Work-life Balance/Blend."

About Treo Wellness

Treo is a Whole-Person Wellbeing Platform delivering highly personalized, evidence-based tools and resources for achieving lasting lifestyle change for Worksite Wellness. We help employers with Whole-Person wellbeing solutions so employers can recruit and retain top talent.

Our all-in-one, turnkey platform eliminates the costs and complexity of dealing with multiple wellness and culture vendors. Treo is the first scalable way to bring personalized wellness support to every employee!

Treo’s platform easily adjusts to emphasize organization’s values and objectives. Every employee receives a customized experience based on their individual health goals. Treo meets every employee in the workforce where they are in their wellness journey.


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