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How to Support Your Employees’ Total Well-being

Written by CultureCon 2022 Sponsor, Bundle


How to Support Your Employees’ Total Well-being

Well-being means something different to each individual person. That is why supporting total employee wellbeing, whether it be mental, physical, social, emotional, or financial wellness, is vital to employee success in the workplace. When you try to improve your employees' overall well-being, you help them feel happy, connected, and motivated to do their best work.

Continue reading for unique ways to support all employee well-being needs, no matter where or how they work so that employees can stay healthy and productive.

Benefits of Supporting Employee Well-Being

Your workforce is responsible for a significant amount of your business's success, so it's important to support their collective wellbeing. When you take care of them, it benefits both their personal and professional lives.

Working to support and improve employee well-being has the following benefits:

  1. Higher productivity: Treating employees' mental health conditions can increase your workforce's productivity. Approximately 86% of employees who experience depression feel that their work performance improves when they receive treatment.

  2. Increased presenteeism: Addressing well-being needs and supporting employee wellness can improve your workforce's motivation. This will also increase their willingness to show up for work more often than employees who feel burnt out or overwhelmed.

  3. Improved retention rates: Employees are more likely to stay with a company that cares for their well-being. Many companies often lose employees because of mental health challenges or an overly stressful work environment.

5 Ways to Support Your People and Their Well-being

Your employees work hard for you and do their best work when they feel their best, so it's important to support their unique wellbeing needs. You can support your employees and their mental health in the following ways:

1. Include Mental Health Coverage in Your Health Care Plan

Health care plans often benefit employees by covering the costs of doctor visits, medications, and medical treatments. However, you can improve your employees' health coverage by adding mental health coverage to your health insurance plans. This means your workforce would have coverage for mental health services like therapy or counseling.

You can also implement an employee assistance program (EAP) into your employment package. An EAP is a service that helps employees overcome non-work-related challenges such as stress or financial struggles. Some EAPs offer mental health services such as counseling.

2. Model Healthy Behaviors and a Healthy Work-Life Balance

You can motivate your employees to prioritize self-care and well-being by prioritizing it yourself. Model healthy behaviors to inspire your workforce and show them how to maintain positive habits.

Take a break to walk each day, and share what you're doing with your employees. You can even invite employees to join you now and then, whether virtually or in-person. You can also create office challenges centered around self-care — maybe you could reward employees who take one self-care day a month.