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CultureCon West Expands to Las Vegas

Updated: Jan 8

After a groundbreaking 2023, CultureCon LLC is proud to announce the return of their flagship west coast conference. CultureCon West 2024 will take place at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The inaugural CultureCon West conference was hosted in June 2023 in Southern California and featured presentations from workplace culture executives representing companies including Reebok, SAP, Zuora, and Blizzard Entertainment. With hundreds of attendees from across the country, the conference received a Certificate of Special Recognition from the United States Congress. 

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This year, CultureCon West 2024 transforms into an even more dynamic and comprehensive experience. Taking place on November 13th and 14th, the conference will showcase an impressive lineup of industry thought leaders from across the country. The conference includes wide-ranging workplace culture topics including diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging; organizational resiliency; hybrid work environments; mental health care; employer branding; corporate social responsibility; employee learning and development; and many others that positively influence employee engagement and overall organizational performance. 

CultureCon West, CultureCon Las Vegas

“Our new venue and location not only represents the growth of our CultureCon brand and audience, but also underscores the increasing priority among organizations to build more engaging and productive workplaces,” says Zach Blumenfeld, Co-founder of CultureCon LLC. “Our conference topics often follow macroeconomic trends that are impacting businesses of all shapes and sizes.”

CultureCon West 2024 will feature more than presentations from speakers. The conference is an immersive experience through the latest workplace culture trends and actionable best practices. From hands-on workshops to networking opportunities with fellow cultural change agents, attendees will gain valuable insights into creating more dynamic, inclusive, and forward-thinking work environments. "At the end of the day, it's about empowering and equipping each individual to become a catalyst for change," adds Nick Lombardino, Co-founder. “Not only do we want attendees to leave with actionable tools, but also with a sense of shared accountability towards creating a better world of work for ourselves, our teams, and organizations.” 

For more information about CultureCon West 2024, including registration details, speaker announcements, and conference logistics, visit

Media Contact:

Nick Lombardino

Co-founder at CultureCon LLC


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