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Improve the Health of Your Teams, One Story at a Time!

Developed by Mark Cruth, Modern Work Coach at Atlassian and CultureCon 2024 Speaker

In his short, one minute vlog, get a preview into Mark's "storytelling talk" at CultureCon 2024; specifically, how a good story can talk a team from good to great.

About Mark Cruth:

Focused on practice over theory, Mark is a pragmatic modern work designer and coach. With over a decade of experience experimenting with teamwork practices at places like Boeing, Nordstrom, Charles Schwab, and Rocket Mortgage, Mark's mission is to inject modern ways of working, a transformation mindset, and the power of expert storytelling into everything he does.


Today Mark works as the Principle Modern Work Coach for Atlassian, a company focused on unleashing the potential of every team! Mark spends his days coaching both Atlassian and customer teams on new ways of working, then sharing what he's learned at events around the world!


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