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Measuring and Transforming Culture

Updated: 4 days ago

Developed by Cathleen Cooke, Chief Client Officer at Human Synergistics Inc and CultureCon 2024 Speaker

In her short, one minute vlog, get a preview into Cathleen's culture transformation talk at CultureCon 2024; specifically, how individuals can leverage the Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) to accurately quantify values and culture, the gaps between the two, and the levers for culture change to take effect.

About Cathleen Cooke:

As Chief Client Officer at Human Synergistics, Cathleen brings 20 years of experience as a culture thought partner, sharing best practices and evidence-based approaches for quantifying and shaping culture. She has worked with CEOs, CHROs, and OD leaders and consultants at Fortune 500 companies, NPOs, private SMBs in various industries, government agencies, and universities on culture initiatives focused on a range of outcomes including employee engagement and retention, safety, growth, DEI, merger integration, and digital transformation. With a background in statistics and an unwavering commitment to using meaningful data, Cathleen leverages the world’s most widely used and researched culture survey – the Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI) and other renowned tools such as the Subarctic Survival Situation™ and Leadership/Impact® 360 by Human Synergistics to measure the “unmeasurable” and provide insights for positive change.


In her CultureCon 2024 presentation, she will provide answers to the following FAQs:

  • What happens after an organization defines their values?

  • How do you know if teams and departments are living the values? Does it matter?

  • What’s helping vs. hindering your organization’s culture?

  • How do you identify the most powerful levers for culture change specific to your organization’s goals?

  • How do you accurately measure culture over time?

  • How do you know if a survey is reliable and valid, and why does it really matter?


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